Adorable Skywalker family reunion photo has ‘Star Wars’ fans sobbing

obi-wan anakin
via Lucasfilm

Star Wars Celebration 2022 took place this past weekend and was attended by many of the stars of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the latest series set in the galaxy far, far away to hit Disney Plus. And, in the process, the event gave us a Skywalker family reunion that while adorable is also kind of gut-wrenching because it reminds us of the happiness the characters were denied in the movies.

As shared by Twitter user @TheFirstOkiro, one blurry photo from SWC captured the moment when Hayden Christensen met Vivien Lyra Blair aka his on-screen daughter Leia. The pic is truly heartwarming as it sees the Anakin Skywalker actor bending down to give Blair a hug — and its leaving Star Wars fans sobbing thanks to the OP’s stone-cold caption. “[T] the closet [sic] Anakin will ever get to holding his daughter,” they wrote.

The OP could’ve just posted the image and got us all smiling but, oh no, they had to go for the low-blow.

You know when Anakin got burned to a crisp and lost his legs? Yeah, well, this hurts more.

You can always rely on the Star Wars Celebration to deliver the goods.

As expected, there are obviously some pedants in the replies who couldn’t resist pointing out that, yes, Vader and Leia did actually meet in A New Hope. But he never encountered her as Anakin so the caption still counts.

This is getting people wanting a Star Wars version of Marvel’s What If…? all over again.

Blair stole the show in the two-part premiere of Obi-Wan, as it turns out the plot centers on Ewan McGregor’s Jedi going on the run with her as they become the target of Inquisitors. Christensen, meanwhile, cameod at the end of episode two, teasing a bigger role for Vader to come. Keep up to date as Obi-Wan Kenobi releases new installments Wednesdays on Disney Plus.