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After ‘Loki,’ Richard E Grant bags a guest-starring role in a new Disney project

He's going down where it's wetter.

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Richard E. Grant put his stamp on the MCU last year with his amazing ‘Classic Loki’. This grumpy and older version of the villain wore an amusingly accurate comics costume, though his years in the wilderness had apparently made him give up hope. However, he achieved redemption in his final moments with one last grand illusion before dying. But hey, we’ve all seen Lokis die before, so we can’t rule out a return…

But before then, Grant will be bringing his skills to another major Disney project. Deadline is reporting that he’s been cast in Nautilus, an adaptation of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea told from the point of view of Captain Nemo.

This Disney Plus show will feature Shazad Latif as the Indian prince Nemo, with the supporting case including Muki Zubis, Benedict Hardie, Jacob Collins-Levy, and Luke Arnold. Grant will have a guest-starring role as the leader of Karajaan, a port town Nemo visits during his subaquatic adventures.

Nautilus is currently shooting at Village Roadshow Studios in Australia, so here’s hoping we hear more details of how this is going to pan out soon. One interesting element is that this sounds intriguing similar to comics great Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which used Nemo to critique colonialism and the British Empire.

Perhaps that topic is too spicy for a family-friendly Disney Plus show, but the potential for a very fun and relevant show with a modern spin on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is clearly there.

More on Nautilus as we hear it.

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