Alexandra And Madame Gao Plot Together In New Defenders Clip


Yesterday’s new trailer for The Defenders seriously rocked. However, it seems like Netflix are eager to keep the hype burning white hot, as they’ve now released a new clip from the upcoming series. It shows Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra having a polite chat with Wai Ching Ho’s Madame Gao on a bench in Central Park.

It’s a pretty cryptic conversation that unfortunately doesn’t give much away. We know that this villainous duo has some kind of plan involving a contact at the mayor’s office though, which requires a certain level of delicacy. Unfortunately, Alexandra needs to hurry things up a bit, so informs Madam Gao that (despite the obvious danger), she really needs to get a move on.

Fans of Daredevil (who I’m going to safely assume will be paying close attention to Defenders news) will, of course, know who the manipulative Madame Gao is. Significantly less is known about Sigourney Weaver’s character though, who isn’t an adaptation of an existing Marvel Comics figure but has been created exclusively for the series. Whatever her origins, she’s a commanding presence, casually asserting her unquestioned authority over Madame Gao. The cherry on the top is the almost lighthearted way she ends the conversation by ordering Gao to finish feeding the birds.

Then again, with the combined might of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist pitted against her, she’s going to need to be one resourceful and powerful villain. I like her as a woman of mystery right now though, so here’s hoping Netflix doesn’t spill too many beans before The Defenders airs next month.

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