Alfred Hitchcock Anthology Series Gets Go-Ahead At Universal


Alfred Hitchcock – the man, the myth, the legend – will be the centerpiece of an all-new anthology series currently in the works at Universal Cable Productions, Variety has learned.

Entitled Welcome to Hitchcock, the TV show will mine inspiration from the director’s prestigious portfolio, before covering a single crime or mystery over a single season. From Vertigo to Rear Window, Strangers on a Train to Psycho – the latter of which is already occupying the small-screen via prequel spinoff Bates Motel – there’s ample content at Universal’s disposal, though Variety’s report stopped short of disclosing which of the director’s properties will be considered for Universal’s new project.

All we know for sure is that it will “re-imagine classic tales from the iconic horror filmmaker” and “be an homage to his work.” Intriguing, if a little ambiguous. It’s already pulled in some promising talent behind the lens, however, given Chris Columbus (Harry Potters 1 and 2) to direct the pilot episode, before he switches gears to executive produce Welcome to Hitchcock for the remainder of its run.

It’s early days on this one, but given Universal has secured full cooperation of the Hitchcock estate, along with the fascinating premise of retooling classics from the filmmaker’s archive for the small-screen, you can color us very, very intrigued.

Of all the genre gems lining Alfred Hitchcock‘s slate, which do you believe is deserving of a reimagining for Universal’s all-new anthology series? Do let us know.