Alien TV Show Will Reportedly Have Connections To Past And Future Films


Despite what Hollywood might try and have you believe, not every legacy sequel or reboot needs to be packed with references and callbacks to the history of the franchise in question, and in many cases it ends up detracting from the story being told instead.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was only loosely connected to the wider Alien mythos, and looked to dive deep into the very origins of the lore. The big budget sci-fi admittedly asked a lot of questions that it didn’t necessarily have the answers for, but it was a bold and ambitious reframing of the narrative nonetheless.

However, by the time Covenant rolled around, we were firmly back in Xenomorph territory, and the huge $160 million drop in box office takings was put down to a combination of franchise fatigue and the fact that audiences had already seen an ensemble cast being terrorized by the iconic creatures plenty of times before over the course of nearly 40 years, and it simply wasn’t fresh anymore.

Of course, Scott is now set to team with Legion and Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley for an Alien show in development at Hulu, and we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who first told us a new Exorcist movie is in the works long before it was announced – that the series will connect to both past and future films. Meaning it’ll contain references and connections to events we’ve already seen, while also tying in with any movies still to come in the franchise.

Details beyond that remain scarce, and all we know about Hulu’s Alien so far is that it’s the first installment outside of the Predator crossovers to be set on Earth, which instantly opens up brand new storytelling opportunities. Referencing the past while nodding towards the future is a smart approach to balance the old and new, though, with Scott and Hawley certainly talented enough to guarantee something that’s going to be hugely intriguing at the very least.