Alison Brie reflects on the surprise cancellation of ‘GLOW’

Alison Brie GLOW
Screengrab via YouTube/MsMojo

The Netflix series GLOW originally was going to get a final season until the COVID-19 pandemic derailed those plans in 2020. Now series star Alison Brie has reflected on the moment speaking to Collider, saying it was a strange and challenging one.

“It was really hard. It was especially hard because it all happened during COVID, when everybody was quarantining away from one another. The show was so physical. It was really about all of us connecting on a physical level and really feeling like a sports team. We were so in it together. So, to go through the show’s cancellation apart, and extremely apart, it just felt really strange. It’s part of what made working on this so great because I got that closure that I couldn’t really get when we first learned of GLOW”s cancellation.”

Brie is promoting her episode of Apple TV Plus’s Roar today. While on the project, she got to reunite with GLOW collaborators Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch, and Chris Lowell and said, along with returning director Anya Adams, there was joy on the series’ set.

“I got to be back on set with Liz and Carly and Chris, and also a ton of people from our crew – the wardrobe department, hair and makeup, and sound. Anya Adams, who directed the episode, directed an episode in season three of GLOW. So, there was a lot of joy and excitement, just to be reunited with my buds and my family from GLOW. It did give me some catharsis there.”

Roar is now streaming on Apple TV Plus. The series is an anthology of darkly comic feminist fables.