Here are all of the trick arrows used in Marvel Studios’ ‘Hawkeye’

Trick Arrows from Hawkeye

Fans of Hawkeye were thrilled by all the new additions to Clint’s story, from learning more about his time as the vengeful and anonymous killer known as Ronin, to the introduction of more recent fan-favourite Kate Bishop. Most exciting for the biggest arch-heads (is that what we call them?) was a cavalcade of new trick arrows in Clint’s arsenal. While we’ve seen quite a few already in previous films and the What If? series, but quite a few new heads got screentime in this new series. Greg Steele, VFX Supervisor of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye talked with Lorraine Cink in a video interview for Marvel Entertainment about all those wonderful trick arrows in their new Disney Plus TV series.

The video talks about quite a few of the new arrows introduced and we get to see some close-ups and design shots of the arrowheads, begging the question: are we ever going to be able to buy replicas of these darn pretty and sometimes glowy things? Take our money, please.

Going down the list of the arrows we see in the new series:

The Putty Arrow

When this hits it shoots out expanding purple (of course) foam everywhere. Kate uses it during the big car chase sequence to disable a vehicle.

The Smoke Screen Arrow

Puff goes the purple smoke everywhere when this one hits, great for making a getaway.

The Explosive Arrow

Kate blows up a van during their chase with this one. There’s also the giant explosion version that Clint shoots off later.

The Suction Cup Arrow/Grappling Hook/Zip Line arrows

These are more for transit and escape than for fighting, but Zombie Hawkeye uses the grappling hook in What If…? to grab him a Happy Hogan for lunch.

The Octo Grabber Arrow

When it hits, it sends out a bunch of smaller cables in all directions and reels in whatever they grab. Hawk and Kate use it on a van which gets inundated with Christmas trees.

The Pepper Spray Arrow

Doesn’t seem like it really needs to be on the end of an arrow, but handy nonetheless.

The Acid Arrow

This has seen a lot of use in Hawkeye’s various appearances but in the Disney Plus series, Kate uses it to knock down a traffic light and to get Hawkeye out of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

The Luminous Arrow

Big bright light. A VERY bright light. Blind your enemies, as Hawkeye did to some of the thugs in the ice rink fight.

The Electromagnetic Arrow

Shoot it into a metal pole and it turns on a big electromagnet which forcefully attracts any nearby metal, in the case of the ice rink fight, this metal was the Tracksuit Mafia’s guns.

The Needle/Tranq Arrows

When these arrows hit, they spin off a bunch of small needles, sometimes just painful, sometimes with knockout drugs.

The Airbag Arrow

When it hits, it instantly expands into a giant airbag and sends enemies flying.

The Sonic Concussion Arrow

Creates a huge sonic blast. Kate uses it to separate Clint, Yelena, and Maya during the rooftop fight.

The Data Arrow

It’s basically just a usb stick on the end of an arrow. Kate uses it in the show but more notably, Clint uses it in What If…? to upload the Arnim Zola virus into an Ultron sentry.

We didn’t get to see all the arrows Clint has used in the MCU previously, like the electro-net arrow, the mind warp arrow (remember him knocking out Scarlet Witch with this one?), the trap arrow, the force shield arrow, and more. But I’d expect to see these make more appearances in the future, especially if we get a Hawkeye season 2. Please can we get a Hawkeye Season 2?