Amazing New Sizzle Reels For New Seasons Of Arrow And The Flash Released


This year’s New York Comic-Con didn’t really bring much in the way of big news (so much for that rumoured Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice poster), but Warner Bros. TV did at least bring along a couple of very cool new trailers for the current seasons of Arrow and The Flash.

The former isn’t really packed full of major reveals, as it mostly reuses scenes from the premiere, but we do get to see the resurrected Sara Lance suited up as The Canary and standing tall alongside her sister the Black Canary and Star City’s newest vigilante, Thea Queen/Speedy. There’s also a scene in which it appears as if the villainous Damien Darhk is about to unmask the Green Arrow – a moment sure to shake up Arrow season four in a major way if it happens.

The Flash‘s trailer, on the other hand, really delivers. There’s a big focus on Zoom, with his master plan finally revealed – after stealing Jay Garrick’s speed, he now has his sights set on Barry Allen’s – and a glimpse at new villains and allies who will be making their presence felt this year. Be sure to stick around to the end as well for a very funny exchange between Oliver and Barry.

Check out both sizzle reels below and let us know if you’re enjoying Arrow and The Flash so far this year.