Amazon Cancels Simon Pegg And Nick Frost’s Truth Seekers After 1 Season

Nick Frost Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost might be responsible for some great comedies dating back over 20 years to British cult sitcom Spaced, before gaining mainstream attention in Edgar Wright’s Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy and teaming up without the filmmaker for sci-fi comedy Paul, but their popularity hasn’t been enough to guarantee a second season for Amazon show Truth Seekers.

The longtime friends and collaborators co-created the series alongside James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders, which centered on a team of amateur paranormal investigators tracing a string of bizarre cases that leads them to uncover a wide-ranging conspiracy. Truth Seekers debuted on the same day the second season of The Mandalorian premiered looking to provide some solid counterprogramming, but it appears as though the numbers weren’t strong enough to justify a return.

The show scored solid reviews from critics who praised the writing and performances, as well as the deft blend between the comedic and supernatural elements of the premise, but Amazon have nonetheless decided to wield the axe after just eight episodes. The cancellation of Truth Seekers comes as something of a surprise given the caliber of talent involved as well, but with the streaming service not revealing any viewership figures, there clearly wasn’t a big enough audience for the company to bother bragging about.

Those who did check it out enjoyed what they saw, though evidently there simply wasn’t enough of them. Truth Seekers boasted an interesting concept and the execution was handled pretty well but unfortunately, it never managed to grab the headlines in the same sort of fashion that the biggest streaming exclusives do. At least it was entertaining while it lasted, however brief it turned out to be.