Amazon And Netflix Pass On Hannibal; Showrunner Still Exploring Options


Even in a post-Killing world, not every cult phenom to get the axe can find a second home, it seems. Despite widespread critical acclaim and a devoted following, Hannibal is running out of time to make a small-screen return. A couple of weeks ago, NBC canceled the series, leaving creator/showrunner Bryan Fuller with the responsibility of selling Hannibal to another network or digital platform.

At first, it seemed like a sure thing – but then Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy were released from their contracts, and Fuller boarded Starz’s American Gods. Now, the showrunner has revealed that Netflix and Amazon, seen as two of Hannibal‘s most likely saviors, have passed on picking it up.

Taking to Twitter to keep the ‘Fannibals’ abreast of current affairs, Fuller said:

Of course, producers Gaumont International Television and the De Laurentiis Company’s Martha De Laurentiis aren’t about to let Hannibal go gentle into that good night, so that everyone involved is “still investigating possibilities” is to be expected, but this is unmistakably bad news. Something is preventing the two streaming giants from picking up Hannibal, whether it be fears about the actors and Fuller returning or a feeling that the series wouldn’t be a good fit for binge-viewing, and other distributors could easily hesitate now that prestigious platforms are opting out.

Hannibal is currently airing its third season on NBC, which Fuller has promised will provide some measure of closure to fans. The showrunner has stated his desire to revisit the series universe beyond the final NBC episodes, whether that be in the form of a movie or another season, so it’s possible that we’d see a revival somewhere down the road. At this juncture, though, Fannibals may have to get used to the saddening idea that Hannibal isn’t going to pull through this time.

Source: The Playlist