Amazon Prime Video reveals release date for ‘Upload’ season two


Warning: the article contains spoilers for Upload season one.

Amazon Prime Video has revealed the second season release date for their show, Upload, alongside a recap video of the first season. The sci-fi comedy-drama series makes its return in March.

The show was created by The Office and King of the Hill producer Greg Daniels and follows computer programmer Nathan Brown, played by Robbie Amell. In the not-too-distant future of 2033, humans are able to “upload” themselves to a virtual afterlife of their choosing.

Warning: what follows in the article contains spoilers for Upload season one.

In the show’s first season, Nathan dies prematurely, and he is uploaded to the ritzy virtual locale of Lake View. However, he finds himself still under the thumb of his possessive, still-living girlfriend, Ingrid Kannerman, played by Allegra Edwards.

Nevertheless, he and living customer service representative Nora Antony, played by Andy Allo, begin to form a romance as she slowly unravels a murder plot that was behind Nathan’s supposed car accident that killed him.

In addition, Nathan discovers some of his memories have been deleted and begins to suspect someone close to him has sold him out to a tech conglomerate, Freeyond, for his app idea.

Season one of Upload had an extremely positive reception and left fans eager for more after the finale revealed a number of revelations about the various characters.

With its first season releasing back in 2020 when no doubt many of us were making our own escapes into digital worlds amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Amell had initially hinted that season two would hit the streaming service before the end of 2021.

That turned out not to be the case, unfortunately. However, it won’t be long now before new episodes of the show hit Prime Video, with Upload‘s second season slated for a March 11 release date.

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