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AMC Officially Renews The Walking Dead For Season 10

AMC today announced plans for a tenth season of The Walking Dead, which will begin its run in the familiar October window.


In the least shocking news of the day, AMC has officially renewed The Walking Dead for a tenth season.

Proving that the primetime zombie drama will likely outlive us all, the Powers That Be released a suitably creepy teaser for The Walking Dead season 10 in which a bunch of reanimated walkers stare menacingly towards the camera – towards you – before the words “season ten” can be heard over the audio.

But The Walking Dead does ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) this is not; if you’ve been keeping pace with AMC’s flagship, you’ll know that the Whisperers are now officially part of the equation, and they’ve been slowing turning up the volume as we approach the midseason premiere of season 9.

See for yourself and remember, listen closely

Series showrunner Angela Kang also marked the announcement over on Instagram, but stopped short of providing any additional information on what to expect – perhaps in fear of spoiling the current run of episodes. Because let’s face it, dwindling ratings and an overall dip in quality have meant that The Walking Dead has much to prove as it enters the backend of season 9.

There is, however, the promise of more Negan, which is never a bad thing, after Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased fans about the thrills and spills still in store for his bat-wielding maniac. And then there are the Whispers, who have so far brought about the introduction of Alpha (Samantha Morton), the blue-eyed leader who tends to wander AMC’s wasteland covered in the skin of her undead victims. Yeah, things are about to get pretty gnarly.

Now that it’s immediate future is secure, expect The Walking Dead season 9B to kick off on Sunday, February 10th.

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