The Walking Dead: AMC Celebrates 100 Episodes With New Retrospective Video


It’s fair to say that The Walking Dead‘s seventh season was the most controversial run of the smash-hit post-apocalyptic drama to date. Though it still has its supporters, the shocking opening episode and the slow, protracted pace of the rest of the season rubbed many people the wrong way. The final few episodes ramped up the interest again, however, by positioning the people of Alexandria, the Kingdom and Hilltop against Negan and his Saviors.

For season 8, then, things are sure to get a whole lot more action-packed and dramatic. While that’s certainly exciting, those are far from the only reasons that we’re looking forward to the show’s return. Among many other things, there’s also the fact that this year, The Walking Dead will celebrate 100 episodes. I know, we can’t believe it either. Time flies, doesn’t it?

It’s a tremendous milestone and one that all involved should be mighty proud of. AMC is making a pretty big deal out of it, too, and rightfully so. Just last week we got a nice little thank you video from the cast of the hit series, showing their gratitude to the fans for making this all possible. Now, following up on that, we have another great promo from the network, this one reflecting on some of the best moments from the past 99 episodes.

If you’re looking for more juicy footage from season 8, you’ll have to go elsewhere, as there’s none of that here – but we still suggest giving it a watch. Not only will the video bring back a flood of memories, but it’s a nice little recap of sorts as we approach the upcoming premiere, running us through some of the most significant and memorable scenes from the last seven seasons. Again, there’s nothing here you haven’t already seen if you’ve been following the show since the start, but fans will no doubt appreciate it regardless.

The eighth season of The Walking Dead debuts on October 22nd, and as expected, Glenn’s legacy will continue to burn bright despite the death of Steven Yeun’s fan-favorite. Not only that, but those seeking answers for that Old Man Rick scene should pay close attention to season 8’s premiere.