7 Things The Walking Dead Must Do To Get Back To Its Best


It’s widely acknowledged that The Walking Dead is far from its heyday right now. After an attention-grabbing – if controversial – premiere, season 7 began to see viewers drop off every week as the show continued to chew the fat and lose steam. Thankfully, things have picked up in the last couple of episodes, and likewise, the viewing figures have also started to increase again. The midseason finale, in particular, might not have been a classic episode of the show, but it did offer hope that things would pick up when the series returns in February for its second half.

The problem is that The Walking Dead has accumulated a few bad habits over time that are now holding it back. When it returns, we want to see the various issues that TWD is suffering from tackled head on. A significant rethink of where things are headed is the only way it’s going to improve in any major sense. To be clear, we’re not suggesting that The Walking Dead as it stands is outright terrible, just that it’s aiming far lower than the heights we know the show can reach.

Here, then, are 7 important things that The Walking Dead needs to do better when it returns in order to get back to its best. Check them out on the next page and be sure to leave us a comment in the usual place letting us know whether you agree or not.