8 Questions We Have After The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere


After months of agonizing waiting, The Walking Dead season 7 premiere has now arrived – at last revealing who was on the unlucky end of Negan’s trusty bat Lucille at the end of season 6.

Naturally, the writers decided to troll the audience even further by holding back the reveal for about a third of the episode, but eventually we got the answer we’ve all been waiting for. And shockingly, it was not just one, but two of the group who bit the bullet. Namely, Glenn and Abraham.


It’s a ballsy move, for sure, and one that will completely shake up the current status quo. As such, the deaths have angered some fans who are claiming it’s a shameless shock tactic rather than something that serves the story. Regardless of your personal opinion on it, it has certainly left us with many a question for the rest of the season to answer.

Here, you’ll find 8 of the most pressing questions we have following the premiere. Check them out and be sure to let us know what answers you’re looking for after that shocking opener.