AMC CEO Says The Walking Dead Is Still In The Early Stages Of Its Life

Michonne Walking Dead

The Walking Dead reaches its tenth season this fall. For any normal TV series, that would mean it’s surely only got a handful of runs left. However, the post-apocalyptic franchise has proven to be as unkillable as a walker so far and AMC’s chief has now promised that the world of TWD will be around for a long time yet.

Josh Sapan, AMC Networks CEO, said in a recent conference call that The Walking Dead was still “in the early stages of life” and “has many opportunities for growth” as it reaches a decade of being on the air. This echoes previous comments from the network, which maintained that the TV franchise will not be drawing to a close just because Robert Kirkman’s comic book source material wrapped up earlier this summer.

Sapan also stated last year that AMC has plans for a further decade, at least, of TWD content. And over the past year, we’ve come to understand how the network hopes to expand the brand in exciting, new ways beyond the central parent show. Soon, Fear the Walking Dead won’t be the only spinoff around but will joined by a third series focusing on the young generation who’ve known nothing but a zombie-infested dystopia.

What’s more, The Walking Dead will also expand onto the big screen in the near future as well, with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes becoming the star of a movie trilogy that’s set to drop exclusively in theaters. We don’t have any concrete info on its release yet, but the first film is expected to come our way in 2020. That second spinoff show will also arrive in the spring. All in all then, we look to have a huge amount of The Walking Dead heading in our direction over the next year and apparently, for many years after that, too.