AMC Passes On Drama Pilots Galyntine And Knifeman



With such acclaimed series as Breaking BadMad Men and The Walking Dead on its resume, AMC has earned a reputation as one of the creatively strongest television networks. And perhaps in part because of a focus on protecting that reputation, the network has opted to shutter two high-profile drama projects it has had in the works for years. Rest in peace, Galyntine and Knifeman – the two ambitious series will not make it past the pilot stage.

A spokesperson for AMC said in an official statement:

“We have enormous admiration and appreciation for everyone associated with these projects. We are grateful to have ongoing relationships with several of these talented creators and look forward to working together again.”

Neither Galyntine nor Knifeman fit comfortably into the AMC mold. The former, a mash-up of fantasy, sci-fi and action-adventure, was set in a world reeling from a cataclysmic, technology-induced diaster, which scattered human society into isolated clusters of people who have altogether rejected technology. The latter, set in 18th century London, focused on a charming, arrogant and rule-breaking surgeon who pushed the boundaries of known medicine and came into conflict with societal norms.

Though AMC is notoriously picky with which shows it orders to series, the out-and-out rejection of both Galyntine and Knifeman came as a surprise to many, given that the network has publicly pushed to expand its lineup of scripted originals. Other projects in the works at AMC include Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, which was ordered straight to series then, remarkably, picked up for a second season despite not having aired a single installment; Walking Dead companion series; martial arts drama Badlands, which has been ordered straight to series; and sci-fi drama Humans, originally developed for Xbox.

Additionally, AMC recently landed Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie for The Night Manager, its miniseries adaptation of a John le Carre novel, and the network has political drama White City and comedy We Hate Paul Revere in development. Risky comic-book adaptation Preacher is also in the works, though it has not been ordered to pilot.

Source: THR