American Gods Writer Joins Y: The Last Man TV Series As Showrunner

y the last man image

A live-action adaptation of Y: The Last Man has been a long time coming, but another promising update has now helped bring it one step closer to becoming a reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Green has been hired as the showrunner on the FX series, which will adapt Brian K. Vaughan’s critically acclaimed comic book series.

Green has also been tapped to co-write Y: The Last Man‘s script, and given his past work, that’s no bad thing. He recently served as a writer on Starz’s upcoming American Gods, not to mention highly anticipated blockbusters like Logan and Blade Runner 2049. Furthermore, he’s previously written for shows like Smallville and Gotham, while feature credits include Green Lantern and Alien: Covenant. That’s one hell of a resume, and as a result, it doesn’t feel too presumptuous to say that Y: The Last Man is in very good hands.

For those of you unfamiliar with the comic book series, it begins with the sudden, simultaneous and totally unexplained death of nearly every mammal with a Y chromosome. Among the very few survivors are a young man named Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand, and they set out into a post-apocalyptic world to find Yorick’s loved ones and discover what caused the mysterious plague, as well as the reason they alone were spared.

This take on Y: The Last Man is clearly still in the very early stages, but after years of stops and starts on both big and small screen adaptations, it’s a relief to finally see the project start to take shape.