American Horror Story: 1984 Is Still A Mystery For Sarah Paulson

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Details on American Horror Story: 1984, the ninth season in the long-running FX anthology, have so far been thin on the ground. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s series will likely premiere in the fall, and will be unique in not including Evan Peters in its cast. Another franchise mainstay who should be returning though, Sarah Paulson, was recently asked how much she knows about the new season.

Paulson was somewhat cagy, commenting: “I don’t really know the answer to that. I think… all I can say is I know the least about this season upcoming that I’ve known about any season.”

The actress also remarked that:

“Usually, I have more information at this point, and I’m bugging Ryan with questions. Right now, I don’t have a lot and yeah, I’m so busy with Ratched, it’s hard for me to think about anything beyond that.”

For those not aware, Ratched sees Paulson star in an origin story for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest‘s Nurse Ratched, which as prequels go was probably not high on anyone’s wish list. Paulson is always a watchable and adept actor, though, and has proven time and again on American Horror Story that she can bring weight to campy situations.

Previews of the next season of American Horror Story have mostly been limited to a teaser trailer from Ryan Murphy revealing the title and, by default, the 1980s period setting. The promo hints at some slasher movie tropes, as well as referencing The Evil Dead franchise with footage of a cabin. The “1984” title could also indicate government conspiracy, tying in nicely with the broader political satire of the recent seasons of the show, most notably American Horror Story: Cult. This also isn’t the first time that Murphy has used a few striking images to promote the series, which in the past has included a truly terrifying clown/elephant mashup.

Whatever the final result, I hope that American Horror Story: 1984 can maintain the show’s winning blend of bizarre sequences and an uneven but always watchable style. The most recent season’s apocalyptic horror showed that the series hasn’t lost its narrative daring or sheer willingness to indulge in Murphy and Falchuck’s more fantastical ideas. Paulson’s role isn’t confirmed yet, but hopefully we’ll see the usual callbacks to the wider American Horror Story universe, as well as some familiar actors.