One Of Sarah Paulson’s American Horror Story Characters May Be Returning


Though American Horror Story changes gears dramatically each season, presenting us with a fresh set of spooky, gory and tense-as-hell thrills, there are some constants that fans have come to expect. One of them’s Sarah Paulson, who’s appeared in every season of the show since the first, playing a variety of characters along the way.

Now, with the latest season, titled Apocalypse and set to be released in the fall, folks are curious as to whether she’ll be taking on new roles or whether we’ll see the return of some old favorites. Thankfully, in a recent interview with Screen Rant, the actress shed a little light on who she’ll be playing, explaining:

“I’m not playing Cordelia and Billie. Did somebody say I was playing Cordelia and Billie? That’s interesting. I may end up playing Cordelia and Billie. But no… I am so far I can say I’m playing two characters, but one of those names is correct and one of them is not.”

So, we’re either going to see the return of Supreme Witch Cordelia Foxx, who’s blind but has mastery over the Seven Wonders, giving her all sorts of magical powers, or Billie Dean Howard, a medium who advertises her abilities on Craigslist. On top of that, it’s looking like Paulson’s set to play a new character, too – possibly one who wears some kind of dental appliance. After all, showrunner Ryan Murphy teased back in January in an interview with EW that Paulson was “very excited” about wearing dental appliances.

If she does end up reprising those roles, it’d be just the latest crossover for her characters, as Lana Winters from Asylum reappeared in Roanoke and Billie Dean has already returned in Hotel. With Apocalypse set in the future and said to combine the stories of Murder House and Coven, it sounds as if there’s a lot of scope for as many different Paulson characters as the show can take. Perhaps a better subtitle then would be Crisis on Infinite Paulsons?

Either way, we’ll find out more when American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on FX on September 12th.

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