The Opening Credits For American Horror Story: Cult Are As Creepy As You’d Expect


We are, at the time of writing, exactly two weeks out from the return of American Horror Story. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Since its inception back in 2011, FX’s anthology series has been a consistent source of nightmare fuel as the likes of Ryan Murphy and Co. crafted complex, deeply unsettling stories set across Murder Houses, Carnivals, and grimy old Asylums. This year, though, it’s a little different.

For its 11-part seventh season, American Horror Story: Cult has mined inspiration from the 2016 Presidential Election, and with only a fortnight to go until the show’s return, FX has today lifted the lid on Cult‘s opening credits. Spoilers: They’re creepy as all hell. From up-close shots of the Stars and Stripes smeared in blood to a carousel drenched in fog, this is the AHS viewers know and love, and following the documentary-esque Roanoke, it’s good to see FX’s flagship series returning to its roots – albeit with an added bout of social commentary thanks to its decision to reference Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Casting-wise, the show has added four headline-worthy recruits in Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson, Colton Haynes as Detective Samuels, Alison Pill as Ivy Mayfair-Richards and Billy Eichner as Harrison Wilton.

And in keeping with AHS‘ anthology format, old favorites such as Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are back on board to play Kai and Ally, respectively. Word is that those two characters share “a love story for the ages,” so we’re intrigued to find out how that subplot unfolds in two weeks’ time. Frances Conroy, Lena Dunham, Emma Roberts, Adina Porter, Mare Winningham and Leslie Grossman co-star.

American Horror Story: Cult begins on Tuesday, September 5th. But will you be tuning in? As always, you can drop your thoughts in the usual place.