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American Horror Story Season 1-05 ‘Halloween (Part 2)’ Recap

So the first part of the Halloween episodes for American Horror Story was pretty intense, and part two keeps the tension and scares high with another fantastic episode.

So the first part of the Halloween episodes for American Horror Story was pretty intense, and part two keeps the tension and scares high with another fantastic episode.

The week begins with the revelation of what happened to Violet. Just as we see the latex man standing behind her, she goes the other way and avoids him. She looks out her window to see Tate, just before he walks in the house and tries to help her feel better. They decide to go on their date that night, which answers where she is. Not that intense of a mystery, but still interesting.

Just then, Ben answers the door and finds Hayden standing there, who is still very much dead. After Vivien talks to Violet, Ben gets a knife to protect himself from Hayden. Vivien comes downstairs and tells him she wants to talk about Ben moving out, when he declares, “I am not giving up on this family!”

Ben heads outside to look for Larry, and proceeds to beat the crap out of him while Larry tries to explain how dangerous Hayden is now that she’s a ghost. Larry begs Ben to kill him so that he can haunt Ben too, but Ben leaves him with a threat instead. Meanwhile, Vivien answers the door for the security guy who is stopping by to check the alarm. It looks like they’re even flirting a little bit, which is bad news for Ben.

Back with Violet, her and Tate are making out on the beach when she admits she wants to have sex with him. He stops her, but can’t admit why he doesn’t want to. He goes on to tell her that he would skip school for the beach all the time. It’s all heartwarming and whatnot but before the sentiment can set in, a bunch of jocks and cheerleaders from the high school show up and start taunting Tate forcing the young couple to leave before things get too violent.

At home, Vivien gets a call from Hayden (still dead…seriously, still dead). Hayden asks if Vivien knows about Boston, but Vivien ignores her and explains that she once had a crush on a married man too. The girls exchange threats and other pleasantries before Hayden reminds her to ask Ben about Boston. Just before she gets into the bath, she turns to find the words “ask him” written in the fog on the mirror. It’s quite freaky paranormal activity (zing!).

Vivien tells Ben that Hayden is in the house, and they get into an argument about how to handle the invasion. Ben grabs a knife and heads to the basement, where he actually finds her. She tries to seduce him while reminding him that she’s pregnant, but it doesn’t work as she starts throwing up body parts and admitting she’s rotting from the inside out. As they continue to argue, Larry sneaks downstairs and knocks Ben out with a shovel. Hayden then leaves to deal with Vivien.

Outside, Chad is found smashing the Harmon’s pumpkins, after he yells at Vivien for taking over their house. He tries to get inside while Vivien runs upstairs, where Hayden is waiting in a bathtub. Viv doesn’t see her, however, but she does find her dog barking at a room that has caught on fire.

Once Violet and Tate get back home, they find out that the popular kids followed them. Back with Viv, she finds a tub filled with blood and gets another phone call from Hayden. She goes to the kitchen to investigate, where she finds spilled dog food and nothing else exciting. Oh wait, except THE FAMILY DOG GETTING BLOWN UP IN THE MICROWAVE!

Violet heads outside to deal with the kids that followed Tate, where the kids reveal some odd details about themselves which makes it sound like Tate killed all of them. Before things get violent, Tate comes out and gets them all to start chasing him. Violet calls the cops to save him, but is interrupted by Constance, who blames Addie’s death on Violet. Back inside, Vivien finds her dog in their room, so I guess it didn’t blow up. She also finds Hayden there too, where she tries to reveal things about Ben to her. Vivien reveals she’s pregnant to Hayden, which causes her to freak out and threaten Vivien with a piece of broken glass.

Downstairs, Chad finds Larry covering the place in gas. Even lower in the basement, Ben is waking up as a mysterious woman saves him. Hayden tries to cut the baby out of Vivien, but Ben gets into the room just in time to save her. Ben reveals that Hayden was pregnant because he went back to Boston to see her and cheated on Vivien again. Just then, the security guy shows up and can actually see Hayden too. Back with Constance, she tells Violet about her visit to the morgue to see Addie, where she put make up on her face before her body is put back in its drawer. Constance reveals that Tate is her son, and that he can’t know that Addie is dead. Holy plot twist, Batman! She also reveals that Tate isn’t as strong as he looks and then shows her a picture of Tate with Addie.

The group of kids catch up with Tate and start beating him. They reveal that they were killed in a school shooting, and a few flashbacks show someone in a creepy mask doing it. But Tate denies it was him and that they have the wrong person. The corpses also reveal that the shootings happened almost 20 years ago. The next day, a group of people including Moira, Chad and his boyfriend walk into the Harmon’s house, where some information is giving that makes all of them sound like ghosts.

The security guy is shown driving Hayden to jail, telling her how crazy she is for doing what she did. She also revealed that she microwaved tomatoes instead of the dog. Once they get there, he finds nothing but a pair of handcuffs in the backseat. At the Harmon’s house, Ben packs up all of his things and gives Vivien one last kiss before leaving.

And so ends the Halloween saga of American Horror Story! Is Hayden gone for good now that Ben has told Vivien the truth? Did Tate really kill all of those kids twenty years ago? Is he really Addie’s brother? Who is really a ghost and who isn’t? For every question that is answered, five more are asked. Needless to say, this episode was just as awesome as the rest, so keep an eye on the site for more recaps and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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