American Remake Of British Sci-Fi Hit Black Mirror In The Works


The entertainment industry seems insistent on regurgitating pre-existing movies and TV shows that really don’t require any further interference. Still, when there’s a successful concept that’s found a worldwide audience, it now seems practically inevitable that a remake by another territory will emerge. Since there’s already people who love it, why not just repackage it back to them with a shiny new bow, right?

Per Variety (via Collider), it seems that’s the case for Endemol UK’s phenomenal sci-fi series, Black Mirror. The new chairmen and CEOs for the company’s US equivalent – Endemol Shine North America – Cris Abrego and Charlie Corwin, seem dead set on remaking it for American audiences, saying simply that “there is a plan.” The pair wouldn’t divulge any further details when pressed, except to say that the show’s original creators, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones “have really touched on something and I agree – we need more.”

There is some truth to his statement, because the show’s two seasons are a mere hint at the brilliant insight that Brooker and co. have to offer. If you’ve yet to witness its astute and cutting takedown of how contemporary technology is dividing the global community – then you’re missing out. The show’s first episode originally aired in the U.K. in 2011 and has since found a bigger audience when it hit Netflix U.S. in 2014. Only six episodes were produced for its two season run (not including the 2014 Christmas special) and each serve as standalone stories that shine a light on different aspects of modern day life. With a serious sci-fi twist.

Even if a U.S. remake does materialize, any future adaptations are subject to the thumbs-up from Brooker. So, any concerns of a watered-down, more US-friendly take can be allayed. For now, there’s no specific details as to when this new Black Mirror will appear, but we’ll keep you posted when any new updates emerge.