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An under-the-radar superhero series smashes records on a pair of major streaming services

Superhero fatigue? Never heard of it.

Image via Disney Plus

Korean content may have been a hotbed of bumper viewing figures for Netflix dating back years, but Disney is now getting in on the act after revealing that under-the-radar favorite Moving has smashed viewership records.

The high concept hybrid of international espionage and superhero origin story is clearly an instant favorite among audiences everywhere, and we’re not just talking about the fact it holds a perfect 100 percent audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, either.

Image via Disney Plus

As per Variety, the show has become the most-watched Korean original on a global scale in the history of Disney Plus, while it’s set another record for being Hulu’s top-viewed exclusive hailing from the country among users in the United States. And yet, it doesn’t seem to have punctured the zeitgeist in the way you’d expect for a project to have gathered such immense success.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the narrative focuses on a group of South Korean spies who battle against nefarious forces to protect their children – who have special and unique abilities – from the governmental forces to want to bring the kids in for their own malicious means. Boasting powers including flight, healing, and advanced senses, the older generation vanished without a trace decades previously, forcing them out of the shadows when their progeny begin displaying similar gifts.

In an age where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming off the back of its worst-reviewed effort ever on screens either big or small, Moving is a breath of fresh air for Disney Plus’ superhero catalogue that deserves every bit of the glory it can be found enjoying.

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