An unexpected character’s latest wardrobe change is stealing ‘Moon Knight’ season finale’s thunder

moon knight

This article contains spoilers for the Moon Knight season finale throughout

Moon Knight has now wrapped up its first season with a barnstorming finale. Marc and Steven formed a bromance, Arthur Harrow and Ammit were defeated, and the future looks relatively bright for our characters. However, an indication that there’s more drama to come came in the mid-credits scene.

This featured the long-awaited debut of third personality Jake Lockley, who’s perfectly happy to continue serving Khonshu. Lockley retrieved Harrow from a psychiatric hospital, put him in a limo, and shot him in the head. Khonshu looked on approvingly, now having abandoned his bandaged look in favor of a dapper suit.

For a guy with a bird’s skull for a head, he’s looking good and is now in line with his comics counterpart. The internet agrees:

Some are perhaps taking it a bit far and finding the homicidal bird god suddenly very sexy:

So there you go folks, if you’re struggling to find love, just remember that someone out there will find you attractive (even if your head is a giant hovering bird skull).

While there’s not yet confirmation that Khonshu will return for a new season of Moon Knight, it seems silly to go to the trouble of introducing Jake Lockley if you’re not going to use him. Plus, with Jake clearly being very different from both Marc and Steven, there’s got to be conflict brewing, and Marc won’t be best pleased that Khonshu found a loophole to keep him as an avatar.

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus.