‘Moon Knight’ is over but fans can’t get enough of Marc and Steven’s iconic bromance

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Studios

This article contains spoilers for the Moon Knight season finale throughout

Last week’s Moon Knight ended on a tearjerker. The kindhearted yet cowardly Steven Grant finally stepped up to the plate to defend Marc Spector from ethereal sand creatures, only to find himself knocked into the desert and turned into a frozen statue.

Marc was then transported to the heavenly Field of Reeds, but the season finale showed that he couldn’t just abandon Steven. And so Marc marched out of paradise and accepted his fate alongside Steven, telling him “you are the only real superpower I ever had.” Fortunately, Osiris smiled upon them and they were resurrected, marching back into our world to take down Harrow.

The pair have been in conflict all season, but after this experience, they’re in perfect sync. This was demonstrated during the epic battle in Cairo, with the pair switching between Moon Knight and Mr. Knight as the situation demanded. And, understandably, fans are finding it emotional:

But trouble is on the horizon for the adorable duo. The mid-credits scene confirmed that Marc and Steven aren’t the only two personalities knocking around in this body, there’s also Jake Lockley to contend with.

Lockley is still Khonshu’s avatar and coldheartedly executed Arthur Harrow, so doesn’t seem like the hugging and crying type. This means that if and when this show returns, expect more inter-personality conflict as the trio figure out how to peacefully co-exist.

Moon Knight is available to stream in full on Disney Plus.