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‘Andor’ fans weep for the saddest little droid in ‘Star Wars’

We're never g-g-going to g-g-get how cute this little g-g-guy is.

B2EMO in 'Andor'
Photo via Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 11

Andor‘s penultimate episode is here to deliver the tension, drama, politics, and moral ambiguity we’ve come to expect from the show. “Daughter of Ferrix” opens up with the sad news that Fiona Shaw’s Maarva, Cassian Andor’s adoptive mother, has died on the titular planet (presumably of old age).

As Ferrix prepares for a funeral for one of its most highly-regarded elders, Cassian is still escaping Narkina 5 and out of radio contact. The ISB and Luthen’s rebellion quickly leap into action on hearing the news, realizing the title hero won’t skip out on Maarva’s funeral, which is the perfect snare to catch him in. As the episode ends, we see our hero finally learn the news, and miserably stare out onto an overcast ocean.

That’s already pretty gloomy stuff, though it frankly pales in comparison to the heart-wrenching misery we see from Maarva’s droid B2EMO earlier in the episode. He’s distraught over Maarva’s death and is refusing to leave her home, retreating into his charger and tucking himself down into his chassis.

Fans are already insisting that there’s just a lot of dust in the room and there’s something in their eyes:

We can’t either:

Let’s have a group weep:

He really does deserve a hug:

Please no more sad droids we can’t take it:

Our sweet little bean!

It’s crazy how much emotion they get out of this little metal thing:

B2EMO doesn’t appear in Rogue One, but if Andor ever harms him, we won’t be happy. We just hope he finds a place that he can feel safe and be useful. Let’s have him tag along with Cassian for a little bit, because if a hulking security droid ever needs a new personality, we know who we’d want uploaded into that body.

The Andor season one finale will air on Nov. 23.

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