Andrew Lincoln Says The Walking Dead’s Season 8 Finale Is Unbelievable


War, war never changes…

AMC’s adaptation of “All-Out War” is now on the verge of its explosive finale, and at least according to series showrunner Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead fanbase has no idea what’s coming.

Slated for a premiere on April 15th, which just so happens to be the same date of Fear The Walking Dead‘s return, season 8 of AMC’s undead flagship will come to a head with the extended “Wrath,” and we’re now learning that the show’s creative players hope to deliver a sense of resolution and closure in just a few days.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the big episode, Andrew Lincoln was asked to preview what lies ahead for Rick Grimes. Keeping things simple, the actor said: “I can do it in three letters: WTF. It’s unbelievable.” Meanwhile, his co-star, Pollyanna McIntosh, echoed Lincoln’s thoughts, telling THR that, “The surprises do not stop coming. There’s always more to know. I think that’s definitely true of this finale.”

Perhaps providing the juiciest bit of information was Gimple, who first touched on how closely the episode sticks to the source material, saying:

“If I said it mirrored [the comics] super closely, that would provide a lot of answers. Aspects of the comics are there, and then there’s some other stuff in there and some big left-hand turns to the comics. It’s totally the same, and no it’s not at all the same and it’s completely different.”

Thankfully, we won’t be left scratching our heads, either, as the showrunner assured us that “Wrath” will bring about a sense of closure.

“It closes down every character’s story pretty much in some tragic ways and in some sad ways, and even some hopeful ways to a degree,” Gimple tells The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s closure, in every iteration of what that means, in the finale.”

All roads have led to this. After 15 episodes of fist-pumping highs and crushing lows, The Walking Dead season 8 is about to cross the finish line with the super-sized “Wrath” on April 15th. And if you’re curious, select AMC theaters will be hosting said finale alongside the hotly-anticipated premiere of Fear The Walking Dead season 4.