Showrunner Scott Gimple Teases War And Resolution Ahead Of The Walking Dead’s Season Finale


War, war never changes…

AMC’s adaptation of “All-Out War” is now on the verge of its explosive finale, and at least according to series showrunner Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead fanbase has no idea what’s coming.

Slated for a premiere on April 15th, which just so happens to be the same date of Fear The Walking Dead‘s return, season 8 of AMC’s undead flagship will come to a head with the extended “Wrath,” and we’re now learning that the show’s creative players hope to deliver a sense of resolution and closure in two weeks’ time.

Via TV Line, Gimple previewed 8×16 as so:

We will see a resolution of the war. It might not be what people are expecting. It might not be what some of the characters even want. But it is a conclusion, and they have to deal with its aftermath.

The Walking Dead‘s imminent finale will also signal a defining moment for Gimple himself, who was recently promoted to the role of chief content officer where he’ll oversee the entire franchise. In his stead, TWD writer and producer Angela Kang is expected to pick up the torch for season 9, which will presumably find Rick Grimes and Co. dealing with the aftermath of their brutal clash with Negan.

Gimple continued:

I really hope they are. It is a war. There are casualties along the way, and it is incredibly tough business. But it only shows just how deeply connected these characters are and how their fates are tied together, even if some of them don’t want them to be. I would never tell the audience that it was safe to exhale. It is a devastating world that these characters live in, but there is still beauty and hope.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is expected to reach its long-anticipated climax on April 15th. And in keeping with tradition, it’ll be an extended episode, too.

Source: TV Line