Angie Tribeca Will Be Back At Work June 6 On TBS


Angie Tribeca is ready to work, and TBS appears entirely ready to keep cranking out marathons of the police spoof, with the announcement today that season two of the show will debut this summer on June 6. That’s just a few months after the debut of season one earlier in January.

Like season one, the network confirmed that the second outing will be overflowing with famous faces ready to get in on the shenanigans of the show. That’ll include James Franco, Alfred Molina, Maya Rudolph, Heather Graham, Joe Jonas, Danny Pudi, Noah Wyle, Busy Philipps, Rhys Darby and Kevin Pollak among many, many others.

Some hints were given regarding the plot of the season, and it appears a few cases will center around the mysterious murder of a sushi chef, drug lord lifeguards and a boy band member who gets tragically decapitated by a T-shirt cannon.

The ten episode first season ran in an inventive format, with TBS marathoning each episode of the show in a 25-hour binge-fest for fans to jump in on at any time. Given the entirely silly, fleeting nature of the show and its gags, it worked well enough to net the Rashida Jones-starring series a second season.

Check out the teaser trailer for season two above and let us know what you think about Angie Tribeca in the comments section below!

Source: EW