An Animated X-Men TV Series Is Reportedly In The Works From Marvel


In recent years, a conflict between Marvel and Fox led to the characters owned by the latter studio being put on the back-burner. It quickly became impossible for fans to find any merchandise featuring heroes and villains from the world of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, while their comic book adventures also began to get fewer and far between.

Things have slowly started to change recently, though. Suddenly, X-Men toys are much easier to find, while collaborations between Marvel and Fox like Legion and the Bryan Singer-helmed X-Men drama from Matt Nix have become more frequent. Taking that all into account, it’s easy to believe a new report which states that an X-Men animated series will be announced later this year. Details beyond that have not been revealed, so we have no idea where it will air, which characters it will focus on, or who’s even involved creatively.

However, thinking back to the older X-Men cartoons, it’s hard not to get excited about just how much potential this has to be something really special. The movies have become a convoluted mess thanks to a timeline that’s near impossible to decipher, so a show such as this could certainly deliver the fun sort of adventures fans have been crying out for.

Who knows, we may even get to see Wolverine in his classic costume, something which we still don’t know if Logan will deliver on. This new should be taken strictly as a rumour for the time being, but if an announcement is indeed on the way, the world of the X-Men may be getting even bigger.