Anthony Mackie Shares First Set Pic From The Falcon And The Winter Soldier


As revealed over the summer, the MCU’s Phase 4 will be the first to expand across both movies and TV. Unlike previous shows which have only been tangentially related to the cinematic franchise though, the Marvel series coming to Disney Plus from now on will be directly linked to the MCU, with familiar supporting characters getting starring roles. And first up is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Production just began on the show and star Anthony Mackie has already given us our first photo from the set. The pic, which consists of Mackie and his co-star Sebastian Stan’s chairs, marked with their characters’ names, was shared on Mackie’s Twitter account earlier today. “And so it begins! Welcome back guys…” The actor wrote in his caption.

The show picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame, which memorably concluded with the elderly Steve Rogers appointing Sam Wilson as his successor as Captain America. It’s believed that the series’ storyline will see the U.S. Government displeased with Rogers’ decision, with them creating their own legacy hero – John Walker AKA U.S. Agent, as played by Wyatt Russell.

Alongside Mackie and Stan, several other characters from the Captain America trilogy will return as well. Emily VanCamp is back as Sharon Carter, Agent 13, last seen in Civil War. And so is Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo, again last glimpsed when his plan to break apart the Avengers got him locked up in jail but was still kind of successful. What havoc will he wreak for the new Cap and Bucky Barnes? Time will tell.

Mackie has confirmed that he’ll get to wear his own Cap suit in the show, though Sam will still mostly be known as Falcon. All in all, it sounds like there’s a lot to pack into just six episodes, all of which will be directed by Kari Skogland. Hopefully, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will kick off this new age of Marvel TV in style when it arrives in fall 2020.