Anti-Vaxxers Are Outraged That Elmo Is Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine


As the months tick by without the New World Order controlling our brains through 5G, lizard men emerging as the leaders of the Illuminati, or people discovering their genetic code has been rewritten, anti-vaxxers are beginning to look even more ridiculous than they already did. With the effectiveness and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines now proven, many are quietly getting the shot, leaving only a hardcore sect of true believers still lashing out against it.

It means those left are truly off the reservations, as shown by their fury that Elmo from Sesame Street is getting vaccinated (along with his pal Big Bird). The information came via the adorable red Muppet’s official Twitter, where he reported that he’d met with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and was pleased to announce he and his young friends are now eligible for vaccination. None of this should be surprising, as many articles note that Elmo and pals have supported vaccination efforts for decades.

Even so, conservative anti-vaxxers aren’t happy. Users are urging Elmo to question the mainstream media and pharmaceutical companies to discover the truth, telling him that Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would be proud of him, and that the puppet is now liable for the “hospital visits, funerals, and the psychology appointments for the traumatized family members.” Perhaps the most straightforward is, simply:

Big Bird wasn’t spared either, with Arizona state senator Wendy Roberts saying:

Fortunately, people trying to beef with Elmo have been drowned out by a sea of support from users expressing their love for Elmo. Anyway, as the anti-vax contingent shrinks due to them either getting the vaccine or contracting COVID, we’ll be hearing less from them in the future. Let’s hope Sesame Street continues its ongoing campaigns to raise awareness of public health campaigns in children.