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Watch: Apple TV brings Victorian intrigue and mystery with ‘The Essex Serpent’

Apple TV's The Essex Serpent trailer shows a Victorian village gripped by the fear of a looming mythical monster.

Mystery, intrigue, and some rather aggressive reptiles are the order of the day in Apple TV’s The Essex Serpent.

A new trailer (above) released for the quirky TV series begins with rumors of a sea creature and the people believing it to be the cause of disappearances. As superstition takes hold of their fearful minds, it’s contended by the call for reason and research, but as the story plays out, that fear boils into desperation and fear of the unknown as people begin to turn on one another.

The six-part series stars Claire Danes as Cora Seaborne, a widow whose husband was abusive to her. She’s the one fighting against the superstition and studying more about this serpent to learn what’s really happening. Unfortunately, this also puts her at the center of a developing hostile situation.

Tom Hiddleston plays Will Ransome, a local vicar who wants an end to the discussion of this monster so the town can move in. The pair will be love interests, and though they seem to be on opposite sides of the matter, they both want answers to this mystery.

There’s a scene in the trailer where a crowd forms and Cora is blamed for the serpent. Will doesn’t stand up to them because he’s their pastor and it’s clear that the show will delve into the complications within their growing relationship and the monsters that reside within us all.

The first two episodes of The Essex Serpent will premiere on Apple TV Plus on May 13.

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