Archie Comics Ink New Development Deal With Warner Bros. TV, Reveal New Jughead Writers


In a most fortunate turn of events that will surely satisfy fans of the hit new series Riverdale, Archie Comics have reached a deal with Warner Bros. TV, assuring that more properties outside of its iconic teenage cast will receive adaptations beyond the printed page. For starters, this includes “America’s Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions” Katy Keene, and even the superheroes that make up the company’s mature Dark Circle imprint.

If anything, this strengthens the possibility of a Riverdale spinoff, which could very well focus on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But what intrigues me is how the Dark Circle characters could be developed for television. The CW’s prime time lineup is becoming evermore crowded with DC shows and, aside from the Fox or maybe the Shield, vigilantes such as the Black Hood and the Hangman are arguably best suited for cable. But time will tell, I guess.

In addition to that, the publisher also announced that superstar scribe Mark Waid is set to co-write Jughead with Ian Flynn beginning in May. Although readers may miss Chip Zdarsky, you have to admit the incoming team will likely make us all proud.

When it comes to the future of the company, Archie CEO Jon Goldwater had this to say to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’re now a multiplatform company. We’re not just publishing. We have television and we’re talking about animation and licensing and everything, really. We have to now bring the aesthetic and fearlessness that made the comics successful into everything we do, while still keeping the publishing fresh and surprising. We can’t get complacent and we can’t assume people will be with us. We have to continue to strive for quality in the stories we share with our fans and we have to look for opportunities to stand out from the crowd. But our strategy won’t change: to get these characters out there in the best way possible, and to provide our fans with the best stories they could ever imagine.”

Riverdale airs on Thursday nights on The CW.