Armor Wars Working Title Could Hint At Justin Hammer Return

justin hammer

From almost the second it was first announced that Don Cheadle would finally take top billing in Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney Plus series Armor Wars, Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer has found himself being consistently touted for a long-overdue return to the franchise.

The actor was an undoubted highlight of the disappointing Iron Man 2, but other than a surprise cameo in One-Shot All Hail the King, he’s yet to be invited back. More Sam Rockwell is never a bad thing, and some digging done by The Cosmic Circus in regards to the show’s working title may have offered the clearest hint yet that Tony Stark’s arms manufacturing rival is involved in Armor Wars.

Most working titles are nonsense, and that’s very true of Armor Wars operating under the moniker of Rigatoni. However, the theory posits that Hammer was established as a fan of Italian food during his dealings with Mickey Rourke’s Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2, so it’s not the craziest thing we’ve ever heard.

Armor Wars is based on the comic run of the same name, with War Machine swapped out for Iron Man as the protagonist, and Justin Hammer played a pivotal role in the source material. The plot will rely heavily on the legacy of Tony Stark, so bringing back one of his old nemeses would be an obvious method of having the late genius billionaire playboy philanthropist’s past continue to haunt those closest to him.