Arrow EP Hopes To Have At Least One Smallville Character In Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths” promises to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before in the Arrowverse, with the confirmed guest stars so far teasing lots of seriously epic crossovers on the way. One that fans are desperate to see but which hasn’t been officially announced yet, though, is some kind of Smallville tie-in. As The CW’s long-running Superman prequel was a precursor to the Arrowverse, it’d be perfect if “Crisis” could fold it into the franchise’s multiverse.

Thankfully, it seems the production team is actively trying to make this happen. Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim revealed today at the TCAs that he would personally love at least one Smallville character in the event. And it sounds like this isn’t out of the question, as Guggenheim teased he’s deep in conversation with the right folks.

“It’s such a big part of DC TV history. I would love to have at least one SV character in the crossover. I guess I can say every single day I have some conversation with some casting director or some agent.”

Speaking more generally about the thrill of making “Crisis,” Guggenheim went on to say how the potential of bringing together various parts of DC screen history is what drew the team to the project in the first place.

“There’s such a big, wide tapestry of DC TV and DC movie properties – the whole reason we started talking about the crossover as early as we did this year was to give us time to have all those conversations.”

So, if Guggenheim wants at least one SV character in the crossover, who could it be? Well, Michael Rosenbaum has shown a lot of support for Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor, so maybe he can be convinced to spar with him in “Crisis”? Then there’s Erica Durance, who’s already played Kara’s mother on Supergirl, so she might consider reprising Lois Lane in the franchise.

The main one we all want to see though is Tom Welling back as Clark Kent, maybe even finally suiting up as Superman. This very outcome has been rumored, and given that Guggenheim has told us he’s looking into making a Smallville tie-in happen, they must be at least trying to get Welling on board for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Fingers crossed negotiations work out.