Arrow Fans Are Emotional Wrecks After Saying Goodbye To Felicity


Arrow aired its seventh season finale last night, an episode that would already have been monumental as it was set to lead into this fall’s eighth and final run of The CW’s long-lasting DC show. However, it got even more significant when we learned Emily Bett Rickards was exiting the series as Felicity Smoak in the finale as well.

So, how did “You Have Saved This City” deal with both of these elements? Well, as it turned out, they were tied together. Following on from the deal he made with the cosmic entity in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover, Oliver Queen was visited by the Monitor in the episode, with the being taking him away to play his part in the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. In a flash-forward, Felicity took Mia and William to Oliver’s grave and left, warning that they may not meet again. She then encountered Mar Novu herself, who told her he was taking her to Ollie, with the pair leaving in an inter-dimensional portal.

Viewers have a lot of questions about what all of this means, but most of all, fans were left as blubbering wrecks after watching the episode. After all, Olicity lovers have invested a lot in this relationship over the past seven years.

Other fans had their emotions a little more in control, but still appreciated the moving ending for both Felicity’s character and her romance with Oliver.

But wait, we’ve got more fans who let it all out after the sad episode.


The best response has to come from Katherine McNamara, though, who plays Ollie and Felicity’s daughter Mia. Clearly, she’s not too happy that the Monitor has taken both of her parents away from her…

That’s it for Felicity in the Arrowverse – well, apart from a guest spot to come, if we’re lucky – but Oliver Queen’s adventures continue in season 8 this fall. Though it seems we could be in for even more heartbreak when Arrow returns.