Enraged Arrow Fans Turn On The CW Series By Re-Dedicating Its Subreddit To Daredevil



Season three of Arrow was a major disappointment, hence why the show’s fourth season underwent some major changes by making Oliver Queen the Green Arrow and renaming Starling City as “Star City.” Unfortunately, after a strong start last Fall, things quickly went back downhill, and the show’s fans have started turning on The CW series as a result.

In all honesty, it’s easy enough to understand why. Arrow‘s flashbacks have become unbearable, the focus on the relationship between Oliver and Felicity is cringe-worthy, Damien Darhk has been a bigger let down than Ra’s al Ghul as the show’s big bad, and viewers were livid when the decision was made to kill off Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary earlier this year.


Things are now going from bad to worse for Arrow though, with the show’s most devoted fans on Reddit so disappointed and outraged by the season four finale that they’ve re-dedicated the show’s popular subreddit to Daredevil instead. That’s gotta hurt.

It’s pretty obvious that Arrow needs to undergo some major changes to avoid cancellation, especially with ratings continuously falling. The Flash has effortlessly overtaken the series, and with Legends of Tomorrow winning over fans and Supergirl about to fly onto The CW, it’s clear that Arrow‘s fifth season will have its work cut out for it to ensure that it’s not its last.

Source: Dorkly

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