Arrow Season 5 Adds Jessica Jones Actor As Human Target


Wil Traval played damaged, pill-popping police officer Will Simpson (a variation of Marvel Comics villain, Nuke) in the first season of Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones, but it seems the actor is preparing to jump ship to DC for a much more heroic role.  According to TV Line, Traval will play Christopher Chance, AKA Human Target, in season 5 of The CW’s Arrow.

The character is a highly skilled professional bodyguard that puts his life on the line by assuming the identity of those he’s assigned to protect – hence the codename. Unfortunately for him, his latest client is going to be a man with no shortage of lethal enemies: Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

As you may be aware, Chance has actually already made his live-action debut back in 2010 as played by Mark Valley, when Fox’s short-lived Human Target TV series aired.

We’ll first meet Traval’s take on the DC hero in episode 5, when he’ll join fellow newcomer to the show Dolph Lundgren.

Arrow returns for its fifth season on Wednesday, October 5 on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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