Arrow Season 6 Photos Tease Black Canary Vs. Black Siren Battle


The CW have released a new batch of promo images for the Arrow season 6 premiere, “Fallout”, which arrives on our screens in just a few weeks. Fans will recall that season 5 ended on a massive cliffhanger, as most of Team Arrow appeared to die in an explosion orchestrated by Prometheus on Lian Yu. While these photos are careful not to reveal anything we didn’t know before about who survived, they do tease an exciting battle to come in the premiere.

It seems Dinah Drake’s Black Canary and Earth-2 Laurel Lance AKA Black Siren will have a rematch in the upcoming episode. By the looks of things, Black Siren has returned from Lian Yu looking to make a mark on Star City’s underworld and has acquired some henchmen to do her bidding. The photos also showcase Dinah’s new costume, which was first unveiled a few weeks back.

We also get some pics of Oliver and his son William, who will no doubt be left pretty traumatized by his experiences in the previous season. Arrow viewers with long memories might also recognize Raisa, the Queen family maid last seen in season 1. It’s nice that she’s back in the fold as it was previously implied that she was like a surrogate mother to Oliver, so it was always kind of strange that she’d just completely left his life.

So, who else do we know for sure made it out of the season 5 finale alive? Well, it’s been confirmed that Wild Dog has been bumped up to season regular this year, so unless the character is now a ghost it’s safe to say he’s doing OK. Deathstroke also lived to see another day. Slade Wilson has been featured heavily in the marketing for this season and we know there’s a two-part story focusing on him to come.

As for everyone else, who knows? We expect some surprising revelations to arrive though when Arrow returns to The CW on Thursday, October 12th.