Arrow Season 6 Will Feature More Than One Big Bad, Deathstroke Will Be Redeemed


After the most recent season finale of Arrow left our heads spinning, we’ve been looking forward to hearing who’ll be the next villain to pick up the ball after Prometheus, thus giving Oliver Queen and company countless more headaches. Well, we did learn yesterday to expect Ricardo Diaz/Richard Dragon to likely be the one to do so, but according to TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special, he may be bringing some friends along for the ride.

As you know, Diaz united a group called “the Long Bow Hunters” in the comics that consisted of the Clock King, Brick, Count Vertigo, Red Dart and Killer Moth. So, when executive producer Marc Guggenheim said the following, he did nothing but corroborate the latest industry chatter:

“We’re not really prepared to talk about who the big bad of the season is yet. It’s not necessarily a safe bet that there’s only going to be one.”

Now, wouldn’t you say that aligns with what we’ve been learning a little too well? Regardless, we expect confirmation when the show’s Comic-Con panel commences this Saturday in San Diego. But with Team Arrow having so much to contend with, it’s good to know that they’ll have some help.

By now, you should be aware that Deathstroke can no longer be counted as a villain since the Mirakuru burned out of his system, and that Oliver has promised to help him find his son. That said, we were pleased to learn that Manu Bennett will return as Slade Wilson for a number of episodes in the coming year. Apparently, Guggeheim swore the fan favorite actor such a thing long ago.

“I promised Manu two years ago that the next time we saw Slade, we would essentially redeem him.”

Arrow returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.