A Key Elseworlds Character Will Return In The Arrow Season 7 Finale


Production recently wrapped on Arrow season 7, which means star Stephen Amell and co. only have a handful of episodes left to film as their characters, given that The CW’s flagship DC drama is set to come to a close after its upcoming eighth season. And while we don’t know exactly what awaits them just yet, these set photos from the finale give us a big clue as to how the Emerald Archer’s adventures will end.

Snaps taken on location in North Vancouver reveal that a key figure from last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover will return for the season 7 finale. It’s hard to make out the face, but the prosthetic ridges on the actor’s head and the ornate cloak being carried away from the scene tell us that this is LaMonica Garrett, who played the Monitor in the 2018 miniseries event.

Check out the photos below, courtesy of Canadagraphs:

Anyone who watched “Elseworlds” will know that this doesn’t bode well for Oliver Queen. In the final episode of the crossover, Green Arrow met with the all-powerful Monitor to bargain for his friends’ lives. Though the Flash and Supergirl’s deaths were written in the Book of Destiny, Ollie was able to cut a deal to save them by mysterious means. Since then, fans have assumed that he swapped his own life for theirs.

When Arrow was cancelled, this seemed to confirm that. In fact, we’re guessing that the Star City savior asked for one more year and then the Monitor could come to collect his debt. And it looks like the multiversal entity is ready to do just that if he’s set to appear in the season 7 finale.

Presumably, though, Ollie gets out of it long enough to feature in the 10 episodes of season 8 and then “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which we’re pretty sure will be the Green Arrow’s final hour. For now, though, Arrow season 7 continues Mondays on The CW.

Source: Canadagraphs

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