Elseworlds Might’ve Set Up Green Arrow’s Death In Crisis On Infinite Earths


The final third of the “Elseworlds” crossover gave us a lot to chew on. For starters, the big reveal is that next year’s Arrowverse event will be an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the most iconic DC comics crossover there is. “Elseworlds” did a great job paving the way for Crisis, too, and one of the most notable ways it did so was Green Arrow’s mysterious deal with the Monitor.

In order to stop Dr. John Deegan – who had transformed himself into a copy of Superman – from warping reality with The Book of Destiny, the Flash and Supergirl came up with a plan to freeze time by pulling a Christopher Reeve and spinning around the world in opposite directions. However, when Superman had previously used the Book, he’d foreseen that this plan would result in the duo’s deaths. Green Arrow convinces Kal-El to have faith in them though and to let them go ahead.

However, in secret, he visits the Monitor, the cosmic being behind Deegan’s antics, and makes a deal with him to spare Barry and Kara’s lives. We don’t get to find out what the deal is, but Mar Novu warns Oliver that a price must be paid for saving his friends. Then, in the final scene of “Elseworlds,” Oliver mentions enjoying life while you still can. The implication here is plain: Green Arrow may only have a short time left, and it stands to reason that the Emerald Archer will meet his maker monitor in Crisis.

In the comics, the event features two major deaths and guess what, they’re Barry Allen and Kara Zor-El. Seeing as it would be a ballsy move for The CW to wipe out both The Flash and Supergirl from their schedule in one swoop, though, it makes more sense for the TV version of the storyline to kill off Green Arrow instead. The show has been going the longest and it might be best for the character who kicked off the Arrowverse to bow out after so many years of saving his city.

We could be wrong, of course, and “Elseworlds” giving us the impression that Stephen Amell is set to exit the Arrowverse may be a deliberate bit of misdirection on the writers’ part. But right now, we’ve got a feeling that Oliver Queen might not be around much longer.