New Arrow Season 8 Photo Reveals Fresh Look At Oliver, Laurel And Dig’s Costumes


While we may be waiting for a full gallery of images taken from the premiere episode of Arrow‘s eighth and final season, we’ve at least been given something of the sort to tide us over. Thanks to TV Line, we’re able to share a new photo of Oliver Queen, John Diggle and Laurel Lance – and they’re each wearing their new costumes in it.

Seen below, some of the series’ veteran players prove they still have what it takes to kick ass and look good while doing so. Though this may not be our first look at each of these costumes, I’ll first point out something that makes this special is that most publicity shots of Ollie promoting season 8 show him with the hood down. Here, however, we see that it’s similar to his O.G. suit, and that he’s gone back to wearing the domino mask. I can only wonder why he’s once again concealing his identity, if not for the sake of nostalgia alone.

Laurel and Diggle, meanwhile, are looking great as Black Siren and Spartan. Actually, calling Laurel “Black Siren” may be jumping the gun, because we’re still not entirely sure as to what her moniker will be going forward. “Black Canary” can’t be ruled out, though we are supposed to get a definite answer in that regard very early in the season.

Something else that caught our attention in TV Line’s Fall TV Spoilers article was Stephen Amell revealing Oliver’s “not going to be allowed to do it alone.” Furthermore, co-star David Ramsey added, “Diggle has always been on Oliver’s side, and it will be no different in Season 8. We’ll see them get even tighter, in ways that they haven’t been before.”

Last month, we learned how Laurel will likely travel the multiverse with Oliver in this new mission setting up “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Based on what we’ve read today, it very much sounds like the duo will become a trio, and I can’t wait to see them assure this show goes out with a bang.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.

Source: TV Line