Laurel May Travel The Multiverse With Oliver In Arrow Season 8

Black Canary Arrow

As Arrow‘s eighth and final season draws near, I can’t help noticing how much we’ve been talking about Oliver Queen. I mean, it’s expected because he’s the lead character, but this show has always boasted a rich ensemble. That said, the discussion will shift to someone else today.

It wasn’t long ago when we learned that Earth-2’s Laurel Lance will be sporting a new costume for the final ten episodes. Cool as it looks, I’m not sure what to call her, but it’s been said that we’ll learn if she’ll go by Black Siren or Black Canary very early on in season 8.

According to actress Katie Cassidy herself, her evolution into a full-fledged hero is “going to be f**king epic,” but the other thing she recently had to say really caught my attention:

“We’re fulfilling the promise of her becoming good, of being a hero… teaming up with Oliver and fulfilling his quest to save the multiverse.”

Now, there is some room for interpretation there, but it sounds to me like Laurel will join Oliver as he travels the multiverse this fall. Granted, her kicking ass alongside the Emerald Archer was a given, though learning she may get in on the sci-fi action is huge.

As you may have heard, Ollie is indeed working with the Monitor, so it should be intriguing to see if Mar-Novu shares any scenes with Laurel. If not, at least we’re guaranteed more of her going forward. Hey, if this series isn’t ending with a Green Arrow-Black Canary romance, then I suppose this is the next best thing.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW, with Cassidy directing the third installment.