Arrow Series Finale Leak Teases The Green Lantern Reveal


We’re less than a day away from the series finale of Arrow, which promises to bid fans an emotional farewell and conclude the story of Oliver Queen in a satisfying manner.

The story of the Green Arrow over the past 8 years has had its prominent ups and disappointing downs, but through the thick and thin of carrying the Arrowverse franchise, there’s been one constantly positive and powerful element to the show that few fans fail to acknowledge as the series comes to an end. Of course, we’re talking about John Diggle, the loyal and reliable companion of Oliver Queen in his crusade to save Star City.

Consequently, fans would also like to see a fitting end to the story of Diggle in the last episode. Particularly, we’re eager to learn what becomes of him turning into a Green Lantern, which has been teased for many years now. For instance, Spartan’s costume has always used shades of green, especially his helmet. In addition, during last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover event, Earth-90 Flash regards him by mentioning that he’s not “wearing his ring.”

Now, according to a new leak, the last episode will indeed address this by finally giving Diggle his Green Lantern ring.

It’s said that during the finale, titled “Fallout,” a green ring box from outer space will appear in a scene and offer the mantle of Green Lantern to John Diggle. Apparently, though, nothing else will be shown and viewers will be left to wonder if our hero ends up reciting the famous oath or even puts on the ring. Yes, the scene will serve as a literal tease for what’s to come in the future.

Of course, actor David Ramsey had previously confirmed that we’d be getting some sort of answer to the Green Lantern dilemma, though up until this point, we didn’t know what it would incorporate. At any rate, we’ll just have to wait and see how the actual scene plays out and what it could tease for the future of Ramsey in the Arrowverse.