Arrow EP Reveals Last Words Of Dialogue In Series Finale


Production on Arrow season 8 has now wrapped, which means the cast and crew have said goodbye to the Emerald Archer’s solo show for the last time. Much of what the series finale contains is still under wraps, but social media posts from those involved have given us a lot of teases at what’s to come in Oliver Queen’s final hour. Today, for instance, we learned the nature of the episode’s last bit of dialogue.

A few hours ago, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim shared the following tweet: ‘#Arrow is wrapped. Last two words of dialogue: “To you.”‘ Cue fans furiously trying to figure out what these words mean.

Whatever it may be, they clearly have an additional thematic resonance. Though Arrow will close the book on Stephen Amell’s time as a DC superhero, the mythos will continue in Green Arrow and the Canariesthe upcoming female-led spinoff which will star Katherine McNamara as Mia Smoak.

As the title suggests, Oliver’s daughter will take over her father’s mantle and become Star City’s new Green Arrow. So, whether these words are said by Ollie or not, they represent him passing on his title to the next generation.

Amell also shared his own message to mark his golden wrap on Arrow, telling his social media followers how much being the Green Arrow has meant to him and how much he’s going to miss the “family” he made on the show.

“Words can’t even begin to express what Arrow has meant to me. Best 8 years of my life. The cast and crew of the show have become my family. I’m going to miss them. I’m wrapped.”

Arrow 8×10, titled “Fadeout” is set to air on The CW on January 28th. The next episode to arrive though is the fifth one, “Prochnost,” which debuts on November 19th.