Arrow Star Says Those Crossovers Can Be A Nightmare


While we’re all gearing up for the next big Arrowverse crossover that’s set to introduce Batwoman, it can be easy to forget how much planning goes into a massive undertaking such as this. I mean, it requires the combined efforts of people working on four separate television shows – Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – to make it a reality. Each may share some of the same producers, sure, but that makes the task no less difficult.

So, as autumn inches ever closer, there are those who are prepared to not get as much sleep as they’d like, chief among them being actor David Ramsey. Having played John Diggle for six seasons now, he’s participated in each crossover thus far. And while appearing at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia, Ramsey spoke of the less prettier side of these epics:

“Logistically, it’s a nightmare. And every single year they swear they’ll never do it again. And they always do.”

What’s kind of funny about that is how Ramsey has been a part of mashups more often than other actors are able, for he’s visited The Flash on more than one occasion. Still, once anybody sees how majestic the end product is, you have to think that makes all those long days of shooting worth it.

As for logistical nightmares, you and I can only imagine what goes into the planning of these bad boys – but at least all four shows shoot in Vancouver, so that certainly helps matters. If Black Lightning were to ever enter the fold, though, that’d surely complicate things, as it films in Atlanta. Regardless, we’ll never say never.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday nights this fall on The CW.

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