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Arrow Star Juliana Harkavy Wants To Play Marvel’s X-23

Arrow star Juliana Harkavy has expressed interest in playing X-23 for Marvel at some point - but do you think she's a good fit for the role?

Actress Juliana Harkavy already plays a version of one of DC’s biggest heroines on The CW’s Arrowbut she wouldn’t mind crossing over to the Marvel universe to play a certain member of the X-Men.

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While talking to Bounding Into Comics, the Arrow star admitted that she would “love to play Storm,” though she said that she’s a big fan of the X-Men world, in general. “All of the X-Men characters really intrigue me,” she added.

Regardless of gender, Harkavy also has her sights on the big guy himself: Wolverine, the iconic mutant that Hugh Jackman recently played for the last time on the big screen. “Wolverine is my favorite,” said the actress. “And I don’t know how I would live in that world, but I would love to at some point.”

The site then gave the actress some good news. The character of X-23, Logan’s female clone, has taken on her father’s mantle and become Wolvie in the comics. It sounds like Harkavy is all over this idea and would love to play X-23.

“I had no idea. That’s exactly who I would want to play like a thousand percent, that’s so cool. That’s so cool. I would love to do something like that.”

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Fans will know that X-23 AKA Laurey Kinney made her big screen debut in 2017’s Logan, as played by actress Dafne Keen. At the end of the film, young Laura had buried her father and was leading a bunch of mutant kids to sanctuary.

Director James Mangold has spoken about how he’s developing a solo movie based on the character and it’s possible that this film might age Laura up and check in on her several years later. In which case, maybe Harkavy has a shot at the role?

Time will tell, but for now, the actress can currently be seen in Arrow‘s sixth season, which is airing every Thursday on The CW.